Our COVID-19 Policies

We at Tregony Guest House are looking forward to welcoming guests back, and want you to know that your health, safety and peace of mind during your stay is very important to us. We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment to make sure that we comply with Governmental guidance, and are also in line with guest expectations during this time. We will review our policies and update this page, subject to changes in Government policies. We hope to give you as relaxing a stay as possible.
Charlotte and Gavin


  • Our earliest check-in time has now changed to 3pm to allow for more thorough room cleans between guests.
  • Guests will be given the option of a socially distanced personal check-in, or a self check-in via a lockbox and check-in letter. For the self check-in option, your front door/room key will be in a lockbox in the porch, which you will be sent a code for in an email prior to your stay, and a check-in letter will be in your room to provide the check-in information.
  • For the personal check-in, the hosts will sanitise their hands before welcoming guests and wear face masks. We will not shake hands during introductions. We will not enter the room during the personal check-in, but will stand at the door to run through the information and answer any questions.
  • Before entering the B&B, all guests will be required to sanitise their hands using the hand sanitiser provided in the dispenser installed in the porch.
  • If assistance is required with carrying luggage to rooms, the hosts will sanitise their hands before and after handling the bags.
  • It is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate early check-ins, as a more thorough and rigorous cleaning regime will mean that room cleans will take longer.


  • Guests will be required to use the hand sanitiser dispenser in the hallway before entering the dining room.
  • Hosts will wear face masks during service.
  • Pre-order form. Under Government guidelines, buffet items such as juice jugs and cereal dispensers will not be allowed, due to cross-contamination risks. However, we still want to provide a full breakfast experience. Therefore, the level of table service that we provide will have to increase, so it is necessary for us to temporarily ask for pre-orders the night before to reduce waiting times.
  • With the 1m+ (ideally 2m) social distancing rule, the dining room will only accommodate 3 rooms at a time. Therefore, to safely stagger tables, we will need to extend breakfast times from 8-10am, and have two sittings, the first from 8-9am, and the second from 9-10am. Guests will need to book their preferred time slot.
  • We hope that guests understand that we normally have a much more relaxed breakfast service (no pre-orders or time slots), but to make sure that we are putting guest safety first and complying with government guidance, this is the only way that we can still provide a cooked breakfast.

 Housekeeping and extra cleaning policies

  • Until further notice, we regret that daily room cleans have to be suspended to prevent cross-contamination between rooms. Guests will need to request top-up items from the hosts via email or text (e.g. fresh towels, tea-tray items, toilet roll), which will be left outside the room.
  • Extra sanitisation of high traffic areas and touch points, such as door handles, light switches, and stair banisters will take place daily.
  • All keys will be sanitised between guests, and the hosts will not handle these during check-ins; instead they will be left in the rooms on the dressing table.
  • All breakfast table items, such as sauce bottles and sugar shakers, as well as chairs, will be sanitised daily after breakfast service.
  • Laundry will be washed on the highest heat setting.
  • Anti-bacterial hand wash is provided in all rooms.
  • After check-outs, windows will be kept open during room cleans until check-in time, to air out the room.
  • Between bookings, all tea-tray items (cups, glasses, spoons, etc), will be replaced, even if they seem to have been unused, to prevent cross-contamination. There will also be particular attention paid to high touch items such as remote controls, hairdryers, and the guest information booklet.
  • Fabric chairs and cushions in rooms will be sprayed with a fabric disinfectant spray between stays.
  • Non-essential items, such as bed-throws, tissue boxes, ear buds and face cleaning pads will be temporarily removed from rooms.
  • All tourist information has been removed from rooms and the reception area.

Social distancing

  • We ask guests to respect social distancing rules, and be considerate in communal areas, such as the dining room and staircase.
  • Try to avoid passing people on the staircase. If you are entering the B&B and hear guests coming down the stairs, please wait outside to let them pass. If you are about to leave your room to enter the stairway, please listen for guests already on the stairs and stay in your room until they have passed.

Falling ill before or during your stay

  • For the health and safety of other guests and the hosts, if you display symptoms in the 14 days prior to your arrival date, please do not travel and check-in at the B&B. We would kindly ask you to self-isolate at home and reschedule your stay.
  • Any guests who begin to display symptoms during their stay will have to inform the hosts as soon as possible, and will need to leave immediately to self-isolate at home.
  • If we are required to close the B&B due to Government imposed or localised lockdowns, all stays during the lockdown dates will be cancelled and guests will not be charged balances. However, bookings made through online travel agencies (Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia, etc.) may be subject to a non-refundable commission charge made by the travel agencies.